We protect your metal, so it can keep protecting you.

Durable. Reliable. Effective

We help make your building stand the test of time - and weather - by sandblasting and powder coating new and existing building components

Whether you are looking to protect your new construction or you need to rehab an existing building, USA Powder and Blast Worx is able to clean and coat components of your building. Our process includes taking your new or existing metal to our facility to clean, powder coat, and finally deliver it back to your site.

We blast old paint and chemicals from the surface of metals using high powered sand to remove unwanted materials from the surface. We then coat the surface with a charged powder that adheres to the metal for a lasting, environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant finish; protecting your metal for years to come. 

We work on all parts of your project.

We sandblast, powder coat, and deliver for the construction industry

That includes:

  • Handrails

  • Guardrails

  • Access ladders

  • Roof stanchions

  • Roof parameter rails

  • Grating

  • Stairs

  • Pre-manufactured canopies

  • Trailers

  • Steel fencing

  • Gates

  • And more

Our Philosophy

"Earn your success based on the service of others, not at the expense of others."
― H. Jackson Brown Jr